[Film Screening and Q&A with Directors] Drifting濁水漂流

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Co-sponsors: UCLA Center for Chinese Studies, UCLA Asia Pacific Center, UCI Center for Asian Studies, UC San Diego 21th Century China Center, UC San Diego International Institute.

  • Regional restriction: U.S. only

  • English and Chinese Bilingual

  • Limited to 1000 tickets (Seatings on the RSVP list are guaranteed)

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Film Screening [US Only]
[Pacific Time] January 14, 2022 6PM

Q&A with Director Jun Li [English and Cantonese Bilingual]
[Pacific Time] January 14, 2022 8PM

About the Film

Under the flyovers of Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong live a group of down-and-outs. Despised by local residents, they are regularly forced to move due to the city’s redevelopment projects.

One winter night, the authorities clear all their personal belongings while they are sleeping. Sick of being evicted, Fai and his companion decide to build wooden fences around their living space. Meanwhile, Ms. Ho, a young social worker, helps them take to court to demand compensation for their losses.


  • 58th Golden Horse Awards

    Best Adapted Screenplay (Jun Li, Awarded)

    Best Narrative Feature (Nominated)

    Best Director (Jun Li, Nominated)

    Best Leading Actor (Francis Ng, Nominated)

    Best Supporting Actor (Tse Kwan-ho and Will Or, Nominated)

    Best Supporting Actress (Loretta Lee, Nominated)

    Best Cinematography (Leung Ming-kai, Nominated)

    Best Makeup & Costume Design (Albert Poon, Nominated)

    Best Original Film Score (Wong Hin-yan, Nominated)

    Best Film Editing (Heiward Mak and Jun Li, Nominated)

    Best Original Film Song (Norminated)

  • The 15th Asian Film Awards

    Best Supporting Actor (Tse Kwan-ho, Nominated)
    Best Supporting Actress (Loretta Lee, Nominated)

  • FIRST International Film Festival 2021

    Grand Jury Prize
    Audience Awards

Festival Selected

-「荷蘭鹿特丹國際電影節 2021」“International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021”

-「香港國際電影節 2021」“Hong Kong International Film Festival 2021”

-「意大利烏甸尼遠東電影節 2021」“Udine Fareast Film Festival 2021”

-「英國華語視像藝術節 2021」“Chinese Visual Festival 2021”

-「台北電影節 2021」“Taipei Film Festival 2021”

-「紐約華語電影節 2021」“Cinecina 2021”

-「芝加哥亞洲躍動電影節 2021」“Asian Pop Up Cinema by Sophia Choice 2021”

-「夏威夷國際電影節 2021」“Hawaii International Film Festival 2021”

-「FIRST 青年電影展 2021」”FIRST International Film Festival 2021”

-「紐西蘭國際電影節 2021」”New Zealand International Film Festival 2021”

-「巴塞羅那亞洲電影節 2021」“Asian Film Festival Barcelona 2021”

-「第 17 屆蘇黎世電影節」“17th Zurich Film Festival”

- “The Independent FilmFest Osnabruck 2021”

-「巴黎作者電影展」“Festival Allers-Retours Cinema d’auteur Chinois 2021”

- “Films from the South Festival 2021”

-「溫哥華亞洲電影節 2021」“Vancouver Asian Film Festival 2021”

-「多倫多亞洲國際電影節 2021」“Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2021”


jun li

Jun Li

studied journalism in Hong Kong and gender studies at Cambridge. His short film Liu Yang He (2017) won the Fresh Wave Award and Best Director at the 11th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival. His next short film, My World (2018), was nominated for Best Short Film at the 55th Golden Horse Awards. His directorial feature debut, Tracey (2018), premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival and won the Best Supporting Actor at the 55th Golden Horse Awards, and both Best Supporting Actor and Actress at the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards. Li himself was nominated for Best Screenplay and Best New Director at the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards. Drifting (2021) is his second feature film. The film was nominated for Eight awards at Golden Horse Film Festival and received the Best Adapted Screenplay Award.

《濁水漂流》電影製作特輯 - 導演篇


“Director Jun Li does an excellent job of capturing Hong Kong’s contradictions as a beautiful yet harsh and heartless place that can be unforgiving for the weak and marginalised. Drifting is Li’s second feature after participating in the Fresh Wave Short Film Festival that nurtures Hong Kong’s young directors. It’s heartening to see a veteran like Francis Ng supporting a new generation of Hong Kong filmmakers and helping to continue its cinematic traditions. Despite the chaotic upheavals now occurring in the city, there still may be hope for the future of its storied movie-making industry.”

— Valerie Soe (filmmaker and writer) @International Film Festival Rotterdam 2021

“Like so much media coming out of Hong Kong right now, Li’s film serves as a reflection of the transition and uncertainty that defines the territory itself. Throughout, characters talk about what Hong Kong is, was, and might become. The sleek, shining skyscrapers that stretch high into the clouds stand in contrast to the messy action on the streets. As Fai states, Sham Shui Po is for the poor, such that the luxury condos have no place here, even as their under-construction skeletons eclipse image after image. In Drifting’s most plainly cinematic moment, Fai ventures to the top of some construction site and a companion raises him, via crane, high above the city.”

— Matt McCracken (Actor)

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